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Deutscher Turn- und Sportverein


The Deutscher Turn und Sportverein known as the DTS was founded in 1961. The club has premier sport facilities which include Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Inline-Hockey, Field-Hockey and a variety of sports.



DTS Football Academy
29 November 2021
What a great final of LFL 2021 we had on Friday, 26.11.2021. It has been an outstanding year for soccer in generall and for the Liqui Fruit League as well. Despite the Covid-19 situation which delayed...
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DTS Football Academy
21 November 2021

In the MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League, with over 40 teams competing, DTS was dominating in all categories!

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DTS Admin
14 July 2021
Deeply saddened, we have to say goodbye to our long-time and highly esteemed friend, club member and beach volleyball trainer James Verrinder. For many years, James Verrinder has made a name for himse...
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Senior Football
19 April 2021
In the MTC NFA CUP qualification knock-out round this weekend (17 & 18 April) the DTS HOPSOL 1st Division team left all opponents behind and qualified for the final round of 32 teams.  The Ro...
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Senior Football
13 April 2021
Deutscher Turn und Sportverein (DTS) Windhoek announces with pleasure its new First Division Football Team “DTS-HOPSOL” which will kickoff soon in the MTC NFA Cup and compete with the top Namibian Foo...
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Senior Football
29 March 2021
The DTS HopSol 1st division team caught Tigers Sports Club off-guard on Saturday, March 26 beating the premier league outfit 3-2. Tigers Sports Club took an early lead by scoring two easy goals for a ...
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DTS Football Academy
20 March 2021

NEDBANK SUMMER CUP 2021. Due to Covid-19 rules, DTS organized the Football tournament as an internal DTS event - with great success!!

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DTS Football Academy
22 November 2020
LFL 2020 in mini format With the support of Liqui Fruit, our main sponsor who donated N$ 50.000 towards the league in 2020 and despite the Covid-19 situation, we could succesfully manage to finish the...
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DTS Football Academy
11 March 2020

Some (artisty) impressions from the young U9 soccer dancers at Hopsol League last week end.

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