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Beach Volleyball


Interpack King & Queen of the Beach 2018

Interpack King & Queen of the Beach 2018

Timeout Beach Series 2018

dts Beach Arena, windhoek

IMG 5741


The second Timeout Beach Series 2018 event of the year, the Interpack King & Queen of the Beach 2018, was hosted at DTS Beach Arena last weekend.

The King & Queen of the Beach concept for this tournament is to find the best individual beach volleyball athlete in the three 2-a-side categories; Men’s, Ladies. The athletes in their own categories are divided into groups of 4 athletes and will play one set matches with each of the other 3 athletes in their group (3 different partners). You not only have to play great beach volleyball to be successful, but you also have to be able to play with different partners that you might not be familiar with. This is a skill in itself and needs to be mastered to be able to succeed at this tournament.

This tournament wouldn’t be possible without the continued support from Red Bull Namibia and Interpack, who are supporting their three Timeout Beach Series 2018 event this year. We are humbled and very thankful by their support of beach volleyball in Namibia.

The Ladies competition saw some of the best beach volleyball athletes in Namibia battle it out for the title of ‘Queen of the Beach’. Including NVF Bank Windhoek NAM Open winner; Rosi Hennes and the Fabupharm Swakop Master 2017 winner Simone von Wietersheim, who were just a few of the top names that made up the field of 8 athletes.

The ladies played in 2 groups of 4 athletes, playing round robin format. The second round again saw 2 groups playing 3 one set matches, with the top two in each group going into the final and the bottom two, playing for places 5-8.

The final four comprised of Rosi Hennes, Dorle Verrinder, Simone von Wietersheim and Karin Curschmann. After a battle royal, Hennes managed to win all her 3 games with the other 3 athletes finishing on one win each and the silver and bronze podium places would be decided on points difference.

Verrinder and Curschmann finished with a record of 21:11, 11:21 & 12:21 (-9 points). They needed to play a game of Volis, first to 5 points, to decide who finished second and third. Verrinder won 5:0 and took second and Curschmann finish 3rd. The Queen of the Beach 2018 title went to Hennes with a very impressive winning record of 21:11, 21:11 & 21:12.

Queen of the Beach 2018

The Men’s category saw 24 athletes take part. It took three rounds of action to find our final four athletes with notable performances from two 17 year olds Stephanus Nambahu and Danilo von Ludwiger, to reaching their first final in the Men’s category.

In the final, the pattern of the day continued with 3 athletes all winning 1 out of 3 matches, with the silver and bronze medals being decided by point’s difference. Danilo von Ludwiger finished in bronze position with -4 points difference and Jan-Eric Sack finished with silver -2 points. But the clear winner was Conrad Johannes winning all his 3 games in the final (21:10, 21:11 & 21:18 and taking the title of King of the Beach.

King of the Beach 2018

In the 4-a-side category, 6 teams battled it out in a round-robin format to try and finish on the podium.

The pool stages saw one team dominate the competition, with Starshine Volleyball Academy won all of their 5 matches. The rest of the teams had to battle it out for 2nd, 3rd and the minor places.

After 15 games were played we saw Phoenix Two finish in 3rd place with a record of 3 wins. This left the Net Violaters to take 2nd place, winning 4 games and only losing to Starshine Volleyball Academy (2:0, 21:13, 21;18). A huge congratulation to Starshine Volleyball Academy, based in Soweto, Katarura, taking the title of 4-a-side Social Mixed King and Queen of the Beach 2017.

4 a side King Queen 2018


Official Results:


1st   Conrad Johannes

2nd   Jan-Eric Sack

3rd    Danilo von Ludwiger


1st   Rosi Hennes

2nd   Dorle Verrinder

3rd    Karin Curschmann

Social Mixed 4-a-side

1st    Starshine Volleyball Academy

2nd   Net Violaters

3rd    Phoenix Two

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Tropizone Aqua Mixed Grand Slam 2018






Tropizone Aqua Mixed Grand Slam 2018

Timeout Beach Series 2018

dts beach area, windhoek


The first of 7 Timeout Beach Series 2018 events took place last Saturday at DTS Beach Arena. The TROPIZONE AQUA Mixed Grand Slam was a gender-equal competition which saw male and female players compete together on the sand and grass, after the success of event for the last two years.

In the 2-a-side categories, teams were composed of one female and one male and the 4-a-side, a minimum of one females on court at all times.

The 4 categories were; Youth (Under 17’s), Mixed Social, Mixed Experienced & 4-a-side Mixed.

The huge turnout of 41 teams played throughout the day to become the TROPIZONE AQUA Mixed Grand Slam Champions, the top three in each category also walked away with medals and prize money, kindly sponsored by TROPIZONE AQUA, INTERPACK.

In the Youth Mixed competition, 5 teams played a round-robin format for a seeding from 1st - 4th ready for the semi-finals. Michelle Starke & Lars Fischer went undefeated to go through top, with Danielle Pade & Michael Fente only losing one game to finish in second.

The first semi-final saw a strong performance from the no 1 seeds as they beat Lina & Julian Horenburg 2:0 to advance to the final. In the second semi-final, Danielle & Michael had a little tougher time and were beaten by André Utz & Max Böck. The young boys advanced to the final with a tough 2:0 win.

In the final, the underdogs, André & Max pulled of an amazing performance and halted the dominance of Michelle & Lars, with a 2-set victory to win the Tropizone Aqua Mixed Youth competition 21:12 & 21:15. Danielle & Michael took 3rd place.

The Mixed 4-a-side category saw 15 teams battle it out, in 3 round-robin groups with the top team in each group and the best second place team filling the semi-final places. One team in each of the three groups won all their pool games; Heritage Management Institute (group A), Omunye (group B) & Casa De Cambio (group C) and the best second place team was Mighty Eagles B with only losing one game and a points difference of +37.

The first semi-final saw Mighty Eagles B take on Omunye, with Omunye winning 2:0, 21:11 & 21:13 and booking their place in the final. In the second semi Heritage Management Institute lost to Casa De Cambio 2:0, 8:21 & 15:21.

The third-place match was won by Heritage Managemebt Institute, 2:0 to win bronze. In the final we saw Casa De Cambio produced a master class and beat Omunye; 2:0, 21:18 & 21:15 to take 1st place and the mixed 4-a-side title.

IMG 2554


The Mixed Social competition proved to be very exciting, once again a round robin format with 3 groups, fighting it out to finish in the top place in each group and best 2nd place and the chance to play a semi-final.

The first semi-final saw Hedrinah Lindongo & Simon Ekandjo beat Wendy Nailonga & Abiatar Andreas, 2:0 and advance to the final. The second semi- final also only took 2 sets with Ruben & Leigh-Anne Delie beating Nadia zu Bentheim & Jan-Eric Sack.

3rd place went to Nadia & Jan-Eric with a consistent performance with a 2:0 win over Wendy & Abiatar. The final saw a fantastic battle with Hedrinah & Simon winning 2:0, 15:8, 15:14 to finish top of the podium and Leigh-Anne & Ruben in second place.

IMG 2608


The Mixed Experienced category saw 10 teams playing through the heat to find the best 2-a-side mixed team. It was an extremely even category with a huge number of 3-set matches needed to decide most matchup.

With 2 groups, top two from each group going through to the semi-finals, everything was to play for. Group A saw Rosi Hennes & Fabian Pfeifer win all their games and finish top and Carmen Curschmann & Lennart Stufler coming second. In Group B, it was a similar story with Simone von Wietersheim & Nikolai Glick went through the group stages winning all their games, with second place going to Emma Engle & Daniel Pfeifer.

The first semi-finals saw Carmen & Lennart trade beach volleyball blows with Simone & Nikolai in an amazing demonstration of skill and game play. With the close winning result you can have, Carmen & Lennart won to advance to the final winning the semi, 2:0, 15:14, 51:14 and Simone & Nikolai go into the 3rd/4th place match. In the second semi-final Rosi & Fabian played against Anna Henghono & Ishitile Aloisius Vayakolhambo. Only 2 sets were needed to split the two teams and the more consistent attacking of the Rosi & Fabian saw them take the win and advance into the final.

The 3rd place match was a really exciting match with Simone & Nikolai against Anna & Ishitile. A great battle unfolded with Simone & Nikolai showing their experience and closing out the game 2:0, 15:11 & 15:13, to take 3rd place.

The final very quickly saw Rosi & Fabian take a lead with good serve-receive and aggressive attacking options which Carmen & Lennart were not able to keep up with, and were always a few points behind. In the second set the same pattern unfolded and the confidence of Fabian grew and gave the opposition no way back into the match. Rosi & Fabian took the final 2:0, 21:14, 21:10 to take the title of TROPIZONE AQUA Mixed Grand Slam Experienced Champions 2018.

IMG 2621

A massive thank you goes to our tournament Sponsor; TROPIZONE AQUA, INTERPACK for their contribution and lots of free water samples.

The Timeout Beach Volleyball Series 2018 makes its second stop at the DTS Beach Arena, Windhoek for the Interpack King & Queen of the Beach 2018 on Saturday 14th April 2018.

Official Results:

Mixed Experienced
- 1st Rosi Hennes & Fabian Pfeifer, 2nd Carmen Curschmann & Lennart Stufler, 3rd Simone von Wietersheim & Nikolai Glick.

Mixed Social - 1st Hedrinah Lindongo & Simon Ekandjo, 2nd Leigh-Anne & Ruben Delie, 3rd Nadia zu Bentheim & Jan-Eric Sack.

Mixed Youth - 1st Andrè Utz & Max Böck,2nd Michelle Starke & Lars Fischer, 3rd Danielle Pade & Michael Fente.

Mixed 4-a-side - 1st Casa De Cambio, 2nd Omunye, 3rd Heritage Management Institute.


Timeout Beach Series 2018 events still to come:

Interpack King & Queen of the Beach - 14th April 2018, DTS Beach Arena

Retirement Fund Solutions Winter Classic - 16th June 2018, DTS Beach Arena

Interpack King of the Court - 28th July, DTS Beach Arena

Kalahari Open - 22nd & 23rd September 2018, Tivoli Southern Sky Guest Farm

Fabupharm Swakop Masters - 3 & 4 November 2018, Mole Beach Swakopmund

Bank Windhoek Volleyball at the Beach Bash - 22nd December 2018, Langstrand, Erongo


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