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Deutscher Turn- und Sportverein, Windhoek

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Inline Hockey

Kamikaze Inline Hockey Fees

The club caters for all age groups, which are set up as follows within inline hockey from U8 to U18 as well as adults.

Players & Age Groups

The club caters for all age groups, which are set up in the following divisions: (these divisions coincide with the divisions to be entered as teams in the NIIHA tournaments)

  • beginners - learn to skate
  • beginners - prepared to join an age division
  • 8 & under
  • 10 & under
  • 12 & under
  • 14 & under
  • 16 & under
  • 18 & under
  • Ladies & Open
  • Ladies Masters 
  • Seniors

The player’s age at 1 January determines in which division he/she will be playing for the season, i.e. if a player is 10 years on 1 January 2023, then he is eligible to play for the 10&Under division for the 2023 season. If you are a lady, then you are allowed to play one year below your age as at 01 January, for example you are 15 years old on 01 January then you are allowed to play in the 14&Under division.

You must play your division first before being allowed to play any other higher division.


  1. Fill in the attached Kamikaze Player registration and front page forms and NIIHA form - please sign each form where required.
  2. Complete the DTS Membership Application Form
  3. The application will be processed within the Committee and submitted to the DTS Club management for approval.
  4. If you have problems completing the forms please contact the secretary at
  5. Invoicing of training fees will be quarterly by the DTS Club management.

Fee structure

1. DTS Fees

Please find more information about the DTS membership fees and registration form here: DTS registration and fees

2. Training fees are invoiced on a 3-month cycle as follows:

  • N$ 1550.00 including VAT (for 3 months = N$516.67per/month)
  • You are allowed to train for 4 weeks for free at Kamikaze Inline Hockey to see if you like the sport after that you have to join DTS and Kamikaze

Kamikaze supplies all equipment for beginner players at no extra fee for a trial period of 3 months.

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